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Tattoo Aftercare

Congratulations on your new artwork, half of the battle is complete.. Now it’s time for you to care for your new piece to ensure it’s longevity. Your tattoo is essentially an open wound and should be monitored and cared for as such. Redness, swelling, bruising and itching can all be present during this process. If you feel something doesn’t align with the information provided here please contact your personal artist for clarification or questions. 


Eating well and continual hydration will always help a body recover from trauma much quicker. Avoid direct sunlight/indoor tanning is also imperative for optimal healing. Using a an all natural Zinc based sunscreen once your bandages have been removed for the final time will also promote proper healing and the beauty of your new piece. 


When you leave the studio you will leave with a bandage protecting your new art. This Bandage is called Saniderm or Transparent Adhesive Bandage. It creates a water-resistant barrier over the tattooed area to prevent irritants from getting into the tattoo. It is intended to remain on your skin throughout the healing process. Each person is different but we have created this basic guideline for all to follow. 


  • Within 12-24 hrs of application you will remove the bandage to cleanse the new tattoo. *see instructions below on how to remove.


  • Wash new piece with a the all natural Unscented soap I have provided you during your session. Be sure your skin feels smooth and uniform, then rinse the tattoo completely.


  • Allow the new tattoo to air dry. Drying with a towel or paper product could leave behind particles that could become trapped in the follicles of the skin causing an ingrown hair. 


  • Reapply the replacement bandage given to you before leaving the studio as instructed. *also see instructions below on how to apply.


  • Wear 2nd bandage for an additional 4 days. That is a total of 5 days under bandage. During this time it is safe to shower with the bandage in place, while being mindful not to overly saturate bandage. Swimming or bathing are prohibited for 2 weeks from time of session. 


  • On the final day you will remove the bandage and wash as you did before. 


  • Begin applying the aftercare serum I have provided  2-3 times per day as the tattoo continues to peel and heal. 



Healing Timeline


Day 1-3      Redness, Soreness, Swelling, Drainage

Day 4-6      Slight redness, Mild to no soreness, Itching

Day 7-10    Flaking, Peeling, Itching, Design may feel slightly “Raised”

Day 11-30  Slight raised feeling until tattoo heals completely internally 



Things to watch for


Incessant itching within first 24-48 hours




All are possible signs of allergic reaction to the bandage adhesive. You will remove bandage immediately as instructed and resume manual aftercare. 

Manual After Care 


Wash, rinse and dry area thoroughly. Apply instructed after care moisturizer until the area has healed at the surface…5-10 days.


Risk of infection is always involved with getting a new tattoo. If instructions are not followed properly your risk increases. 


Bandage Removal


It is best to remove bandage in the shower or under warm running water. If done so in the shower please wait until the end of the shower to begin removal to prevent overly saturating the area and soaps from getting in the area. 


Loosen the edges and begin peeling SLOWLY with the growth of your hair. Becoming frustrated and pulling too fast could result in more unwanted trauma to the skin.


Bandage Application


Once the skin is completely dry peel the white film from the bandage being mindful not to allow it to touch itself. Place over the tattoo, covering it completely. Smooth into place and peel away the top portion of the film with the lettering. Bubbles that form should be left alone as they will work themselves out over time. 

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