Hello friends! Nice to meet you...

Hi I’m Mandi, a mom, wife, deep thinker, adventure seeker, dream chaser. I have always been a big fan of storytelling and find tattooing to be the greatest way to tell them. From a very young age my mom says I would sit for hours quietly drawing, painting or coloring. I love putting my own twist on things and watching them come to life. 


Born in raised in Stark County, dream is to travel the world and experience more than just one dot on a map. My plan is to make tattooing a part of that dream. Now that I am back from a long break, I hope to start putting my own twist on the industry. I love crisp soft lines, whip shading and all things black & grey. 


Your experience and reasons for your lifelong commitment are truly what drive me. I want your tattoo to be worth it, something you can be in love with endlessly.  Let’s tell a story together....



Live Easy Tattoo
June 17-19th
Denver, Colorado

Submissions Closed