Let's tell a story together...


All the information below will help guide you through my booking process for your ease and mine. My job as your skin artist is to take your desired design and translate it to a beautifully placed permanent embellishment on your body, something I take very seriously. Your time with me is booked for you and only you to ensure the best possible experience and outcome of your new piece. Please read this page in it's entirety to help answer questions you may have. 


I am currently taking clients in the studio on Tuesday-Friday and every other Saturday. Sessions start at 10a depending on availability. No appointment will start at/after the end of the work day. Please be willing to be flexible and understand that I am a working mom, I can not allow work to compromise my home life.

My books are only open for scheduling 3 months at a time (Quarterly)





Once all slots are full my books will close and will not reopen until the middle of the final month of that quarter. If you are on my email list you will receive email updates for reopenings and cancelations. You will also have access to scheduling 48hrs before the public. 



Once you read through this page you will find my Design Submission form below to submit your desired idea for approval...if my books are currently open. 


Your submission does not guarantee an appointment with me. However, if I feel your design does not match my abilities or portfolio I will recommend another artist who would better execute your vision. 

Your submission will be viewed on Monday's and you will be notified regardless of the outcome. Do to high volume of messages, please do not reach out on any other platform as it will not be answered. 


Once you've been contacted to book your appointment I will

require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold

your time slot specifically for you! 

Deposits are paid for at time of date/time selection

and are applied to the balance of your work the day of your appointment.

Deposit fee:

2 hr sessions $50

Half Day $100 


Remember this time is booked specifically for you and I cherish this time to give you the best experience, as I do with each client. My days are planned out in order to reflect that. Please be mindful that what YOU may do can/will inevitably impact another client. Please be courteous. 

To cancel your appointment you will need to reach out via the messaging system initiated with your submission and send your request within 48hrs of your scheduled slot. Failure to do so will forfeit your deposit and you will need to resubmit your project. Availability is limited so please try to avoid canceling. 

If you are 15 minutes late to your appointment your deposit will be forfeited and you will need to resubmit your project. 

If you do not show or call the day of your appointment your deposit will be forfeited and you will need to resubmit your project. Two no call/shows will result in the inability to work with me again. 


Your investment will be quoted per piece and will be determined by the following...

  • size

  • placement

  • detail

  • design time

Pricing is not determined on how long it will take to complete!! 

My minimum is $200, not ideal for tiny pieces unless you do more than one at a time. I work in 4-5hr maximum sessions so you won't expect to be there any longer than that on the day of your appointment, unless informed otherwise. If for some reason your piece is not completed within that time frame, another appointment will need to be booked and your deposit will carry over to that appointment. 

Cash is preferred but I also accept Credit Cards ONLY.

No checks, Venmo, Paypal or Debit Cards etc. 

All Gift Certificates will have an expiration date that is strictly followed. Please disclose that you have a gift card when submitting your project



You must have valid state/federal ID with you the day of your session or it will be cancelled, you will lose your deposit and will need to resubmit your project. 

Please be sure your consent form is completed via online before your session! It will be sent immediately after booking your session via Square and will say "Square Contracts". Please check your spam box for this and be sure to enter your correct email address. 

Our studio policy limits guests to 1 per client and no children will have access to the studio during business hours. 


Please eat a full meal before your session and hydrate in the days before and the day of your session. Your artwork is being applied to your skin, one of our largest organs, what we put in our body directly reflects in your skin. For your session to go smoothly and the ink to be applied appropriately your skin should be healthy. Healing time is decreased also! 

Please wear dark/black clothing, relevant to your new art placement. This helps reduce the chances of ink ruining your clothes. For optimal photos please bring clothes to change into or add to your existing outfit. Colors I prefer to keep my portfolio cohesive are..

  • whites

  • blacks & 

  • jeans

  • creams & browns

Please avoid sun exposure and self-tanners for least a week before your session to prevent infection.


I'm pretty honest and upfront, if your piece doesn't fit my abilities or artistic style I usually decline and recommend an alternative artist who can make your vision come to life. I love pieces that allow me full artistic freedom and allow me to showcase my style abilities. You have chosen me for that style so asking me to go outside of that realm could compromise the look of your artwork. I do the best at what I love to do...and I hope you would want the best possible outcome for your forever piece. 

I work best in small-medium piece projects. Half sleeve projects will be broken into 2 sessions automatically. I only take on one full sleeve or XL piece per year to challenge my abilities. Be sure to watch my social media platforms for opportunities like this!


  • all the flowers

  • animals

  • anything nature

  • mandalas

  • celestial


  • full color pieces

  • text/script

  • line work only pieces

  • portraits/realism

  • cover ups

Thank you so much for your support and trust, without exceptional clients like you, I would be lost! :)

Project Submission 
is now closed for 3rd Quarter 2021!

Project Submission 

is now closed!

Please feel free to subscribe to my list below to receive updates about my future openings.

Thanks for submitting!

If you would like to get in to one of the other amazing gals in the studio please head to our website to view their work and submit projects as well.

I want to thank each and every client who has kept my passion for art alive. I am forever grateful and humbled by your trust with your stories and skin. 

I love you all