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I want all the sunny days...

Sometimes I get submissions that I just know in my heart..I need to bend the rules for. I don't typically do tiny tattoos because they elevate my anxiety (yes tattoo artists have anxiety). But as I read her story behind her desired "minimalist sun"...I got those intuitive tingles in my skin. Being from Ohio..I know how bad it sucks to endure our long dreary winters...they suck the life out of me..literally. Top that with a pandemic nightmare and you get a massive dose of depression.

This has been the toughest year for so so many ways. I don't subscribe to the "we're in this together" slogan...because we're all experiencing this so differently. And many are not able to be "together" at all.

To help get through this era of darkness...she decided to get a puppy. Next to my boy Odin and my first girl Bella (RIP ol girl)...this lil guy is just the cutest. She affectionately and appropriately named him "Sunny". Adding him to her life....gave her life. Caring for something who depends on you, forces you to break out of those moments that, when alone, you would have just let yourself stay in bed.

Her lil sunshine tattoo is such a representation of all of this and more and having it will give her something to remind her that the "sunny" days will return. And for me...I will be calling in the energy to embrace these days for what they are intended for. Rest, Reflection, Patience.

I wish you all sunny days ahead...

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