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Our Illustrated Journey: Part 1 | Megan's Story|

She is a sun shower on her best day...the duality of all or nothing. Her struggles with mental health tie into her loss of a dear childhood friend. We honored this journey with two delicate pieces symmetrically placed on her forearms. A Hummingbird...a representation of the colorful yet temporary friendship she cherished. A Snail...a representation of her slow but forward moving progress in life.

Megan's words below depict how this piece has made a difference in her life and with that my mission is underway. Tattooing has purpose and I stand to make THAT the new stigma.

"These tattoos feel like they’ve always been a part of me. I feel whole with them, and I couldn’t be more honored to wear such meaningful work (for myself and Mandi) as my first tattoos. I love when people ask me what they mean because I get to tell Taylor’s story and ensure that her memory lives on. I also get to tell my story about moving forward, through pain and loss to excitement and abundance. The whole experience was so cathartic, from the interview to the actual tattooing. There is so much meaning in these little guys on my arms, and I’m so thankful to Mandi for capturing every detail perfectly."

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